Michael W. Scott  is a Hamilton, Ontario based freelance drummer/educator who  has been working in the industry for over 30 years. His extensive education background and experience has allowed him to adapt to many different musical genres and has built his reputation for being positive, prepared, and professional.

Michael began his studies as a drummer by playing drums and percussion in grade school. Throughout high school, he was  involved in numerous orchestral and jazz ensembles, and spent a season as the principle percussionist of the Thunder Bay Youth Symphony. After high school, Michael moved to Hamilton after enrolling in the Applied Music program at Mohawk College,  where he specialized in Jazz performance and education. After graduating from the program in 1993,  he began his professional career as a freelance drummer, where he has worked with numerous local cover bands and original artists in both live and studio settings. Michael also  began teaching privately both in local music stores and independently. Currently, Michael teaches privately and continues to work  in a variety of live and studio environments.

Michael has a passion for music and drumming and is constantly working to develop his craft to remain current, versatile and inspired. He has been very fortunate over  the years to have personally studied with some of the finest educators in the industry including Paul Delong, Andrew Proctor, Kevin Dempsey, Rick Gratton, Maureen Brown, Kenny Aronoff, Jim Blackley, Mark Kelso, Jeff Salem, Chris Lesso,  Stephane Chamberland, Claus Hessler, Dom  Famularo, Joe Bergamini, Jason Bittner, Todd Sucherman & David Garibaldi.