Inspiration to Innovation

Inspiration to Innovation 

Are you honestly expressing yourself using your genuine creative vision? When you share your work, is it truly what you want to show or are you caught in the trap of following the expectations of others and finding yourself stuck and unsure of what direction to take?

When we first begin to develop an interest in whatever our chosen medium is, there is always a point where we come across a creative work that captures our attention and inspires us to explore it further. What speaks to some may have the opposite reaction to others, but that is the joy of what makes each of us unique.

We all seek to find inspiration in different things. It is that feeling that we get that fuels our creative passion to discover what we are capable of. It’s also common to be inspired by something outside our creative medium. The feeling we take from that feeds our own desire to express our creative selves.

When we first set out to learn a new skill formally, we are given a path of steps that we are encouraged (and more often than not, expected) to follow. We are taught that in order to achieve the results that are presented before us, we must follow these steps and are shown that the way to develop our skills is through emulation. 

We are lead to believe that if we follow these steps, we will discover our own creative vision and develop our skills so we can express ourselves.

The reality of this approach is that we begin to question our choices based on the perception of our abilities to recreate someone else’s vision. I am not saying that there isn’t value to this approach, because to really develop your skills, we need to learn the ‘building blocks’ of our chosen medium to understand how to develop our own vision.

We forget that the point of learning the fundamentals is not primarily to recreate the work of others, but to inspire us to challenge ourselves and push our limits.

Not everything we create will be something that we are proud of, or choose to share with others, but it is important that when we decide to allow others into our own creative world, that our work is a reflection of what makes us unique.

We need to find inspiration in every aspect of our lives in order to fuel our creative passions. We also have to remember that the things that inspire us are the starting point of our journey, and not the things by which we judge our success.

If we are to truly find our creative path, we must not be afraid to question why things are done a certain way, or why we are expected to follow a set of rules in order for our work to have value. 

We need to realize that creative rules are guidelines and not meant as way for us to value the success of our work. They are a set of tools that can offer perspective into the vision of what others have been able to achieve. When we don’t know where to begin, the steps are there for us to start our paths, but when we are feeling drawn to explore another direction, we must embrace our creative curiosity and discover our own creative vision.

Inspiration is an essential part of our creative lives because it is through these experiences that we will begin to discover our chosen paths. We must remember that inspiration is not enough on its own, and we need to innovate in order find out what we are capable of.

The path from inspiration to innovation can be challenging at times, but embrace your curiosity and you will discover your creative vision.

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