Intentions & Commitments

Intentions and Commitments

As we observed the last year coming to a close and the new year waiting to offer us new adventures and experiences, we often take this time to reflect. We either choose to celebrate the accomplishments we had over the past year or feel the regret of the things that were not achieved, despite our best intentions.

It is traditional for many of us to take this time to make either a list of resolutions, or of the previous years’ habits that have not yet been adopted or broken. We strive to improve our lives, finally overcome the challenges we have, and for once, devote our time and energy to those creative projects we long to finish.

We know that despite our intentions to become more productive or successful then the previous year, most of the time, the things we outline as our resolutions fall by the wayside after a few weeks, or never even get started. Our new intended habits get overtaken by our long standing habits already in place.

When we live our lives with intention, we long to be better at the things that we set out to achieve. We have visions of how things will improve once we are able to cross off the things on our list, or how much better we will feel once we develop our new habits. That intention is what keeps us motivated to live our best creative lives.

While it is essential that we maintain our intentions, we must also pair that with a sense of commitment. In order to live the life we intend, we need to make a commitment to ourselves to take the steps to work towards our desired goals and outcomes.

We tell ourselves that if we only had more time, we would spend it working on our projects or learning new skills. If we honestly reflect on our current habits, we will find that we have all the time we need if we only stop devoting it to the other habits that are holding us back. 

We can’t intend to become more prolific and productive if we don’t also make the commitment to stop the things that are drawing our focus away from our desired outcomes. Each element that you choose to give up which draws your time and energy away from what you really want to accomplish actually can become rewarding by allowing you more time to spend exploring your creative self. 

You are not only giving up things in order to then focus on what is important but rather enhancing your life by finding more joy in the things that enrich your life by improving your work/life balance.

You don’t need to give up all the things that you enjoy, but rather make the commitment to yourself to devote more of your time and energy to all the things that you want to achieve. When you are able to find this balance, you will find yourself more relaxed and able to really embrace a more fulfilling creative life.

Look at the things that you have intended to do and rather than living a life of unfulfilled intentions, make the commitment to find a better life balance. Each small  change can really begin to show amazing results if you make the commitment to yourself to turn your intentions into achievements.

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