Changing Paths

Changing Paths

Have you ever had a vision of the direction you wanted to devote your life to, or felt you knew what your calling was? Often, we feel that we have a grasp on what we want to pursue through the expression of our talents, but at times we begin to question our motives and commitments.

Throughout our lives, we make a choice to follow certain paths. Although these paths may appear obvious, it is not uncommon that despite the fact we believe we know where we want to go based on the precedence set by others, we sometimes begin to question why we are heading along our intended destination.

We choose our paths based on a desired outcome only to find that what was waiting for us often is not what we expected. It could be a lesson with a teacher that may have challenged you in unexpected ways, a response to a presented idea or completed work, or even possibly the realization that the path you were following ends up showing you all the reasons why you may be meant to choose another path.

It is important to realize that by choosing a different path than the one you are currently following in your life is not an admission of failure, but rather a sign of  the strength and courage to step up and say that you are ready to make a change.

It can be too easy at times to look at the paths that others have followed and believe that by following the same route, you will achieve the same results.  Although following the same steps may guide you in the right direction at times, you must have the confidence to take a step back and assess what it is that you truly want to achieve. We often need to start out along a predetermined path, but then we need to remember that we are all unique and the process of emulation will not allow us to find our true selves.

As we set out on our own creative journey, we often discover that the things that we were passionate about at first are often just the stepping stones to other areas of interest. For example, the struggles of learning to play a musical instrument can lead us to discover another instrument that we are meant to learn instead. Or maybe a series of unsuccessful drawings leads us to pick up a paintbrush and we discover that it is a medium of expression for which we have a particular talent. 

After completing a college diploma in Applied Music with a focus on performance, I made the decision to focus my career on pursuing many opportunities to perform live. Almost 30 years later, I am still continuing to perform as often as I can, but my interests and intentions have changed. 

I have found myself now seeking opportunities to work in more of an educational capacity as both a teacher and mentor, and also pursuing freelance sessions which allows me to record with a variety of artists in different studio environments. I am still very focused on my music career, but the things I originally set out to achieve have ended up leading me to the areas that I am truly passionate about.

There can be confidence in sticking to the path that you originally intended to follow. However, we sometimes need to accept that although that path may lead us to our original intended destination, are we still sure that is where we want to end up? It can be difficult to change our minds or question our new choices, but we need to remind ourselves that there is no satisfaction in investing our time following a path to a destination we no longer want to reach.

Our lives and creative pursuits require constant reassurance and reassessment. When you find yourself questioning your path, then take the step to change your direction when something new is calling to you.

Changing your intended path can be intimidating, but you may just find fulfilment and joy in learning who you are truly meant to be.

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