The Perception Of Value

The Perception Of Value

Have you ever invested in something that you had your eye on for so long and once it was obtained, it suddenly no longer had the same appeal and rather than it enriching your life, you now find your attention focused on the longing for some other material need? If so, what was the true value of that item to you?

Have you ever been interested in learning a new skill and rather than signing up for a class or buying a book that will help you achieve your goal, you just went online and downloaded a free resource instead only to then find yourself unmotivated, never taking the time embrace the information or even reading the free resource at all?

What did you learn? Despite the fact that there was no cost to you, it often adds little value because you have not made a personal investment in the information. I have always been much more invested with my time and energy to learn something that I spent my own money on.

What is it worth to you? That is a question that many of us continually ask ourselves or of others. There is an abundance of things in our lives that offer value to us. We seek out experiences that will enrich us and what that means can be unique to each one of us.

Some people will pay for the privilege to attend an event such as a conference, concert or sporting event, or take pride in owning the latest technology and happily pay a premium, while others would view that as an extravagance.

Too often, we determine the worth of something based on what it costs us, when what we really need to consider is not somethings worth based on a monetary factor but rather the value of our personal experience.

There will always be a percentage of the population that perceives true value as to the what they can get access to for the least amount of money. For others, it is more about the experience and how that aspect enriches their lives.

There is always a place, whether it’s online or a traditional storefront that you can find what you are looking for at a cheaper price. I choose to do business with places that, most importantly, provide a level of service that makes me feel valued as a customer through their efforts and ability to make me feel appreciated. For me, it’s always worth more for that personal experience.

As both a student and an educator, I have invested a lot in my studies. I made the choice to seek out experts who are at the top of their field,  and who have a wealth of information and experience that they are able and willing to share.

Often, many of them charge a premium rate for these lessons, and while some people may question the value of what they offer based on the cost, for me, the true value comes not only from the information that they have to share, but the fact that I am able to make a connection with people I admire and to know that they are personally invested in my own development.

I believe that education is essential in allowing us to achieve greater things in our lives and the investment you make in yourself is truly valuable.

The perception of value will be different for each of us, but it is imperative that we look more towards what each element does to enrich our lives and our experiences rather than just looking at the cost factor to allow us to determine the how much something is truly worth. That is the true essence of value.

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