The Focus Reset

The Focus Reset

Are you overwhelmed? Are you finding it difficult to balance both the commitments in your life along with the desire to spend time pursuing the things that inspire and allow you a sense of creative exploration and expression?

Have you ever found yourself inspired throughout the day with an abundance of inspiration, only to feel everything fall flat once you have the available time to explore and develop your ideas?

We convince ourselves that if we only had the extra time to invest in the things that we desire, rather than our work/life commitments, then we would become more prolific.

For most of us, our lives are dictated through our schedules and responsibilities. The majority of our time feels like it’s taken up with the commitments that are a necessary part of our day to day expectations. We look forward to time that we can spend working on our creative ideas, but too often, when we are allotted the time to pursue our passions, we struggle.

What we need to realize is that despite our best intentions, the act of trying to find the balance between our creative time and our commitments is exhausting.

Sometimes we get so excited about pursuing opportunities that are made available to us that when we are in the middle of trying to find a balance of time to invest in these things that the opportunities we longed for end up becoming factors of stress in our lives.

It is possible to be blessed with opportunities and inspiration, but rather than finding yourself motivated and encouraged, you actually find yourself questioning your own abilities and value.

When we are inspired about starting a new project, we don’t realize that our enthusiasm can also become a distraction because we are so busy trying to tackle everything that we end up faltering on the individual elements that are the essential small steps of achieving our goals.

We pride ourselves on our abilities to multitask, but in reality, what multitasking really becomes is the balance of multiple distractions.

Are we truly focused on the desired task, or are we sitting down to do the work, only to then find that our mindset is focused on something else and making it difficult to achieve the results we hoped for?

We believe a multitasking mindset will allow us to become more productive and prolific, but in actuality, it holds us back. Rather than leading to a restful state after completing our work, we become stressed or anxious because we are not producing work at the level we wanted, or even worse, not producing any results at all despite our efforts.

I will be turning 50 this year and I have prepared some lists of things that I want to achieve by the time I reach this milestone. I am inspired about the projects I hope to complete before then, but rather than celebrating the things that I have achieved up to this point, I am also feeling anxious and defeated about the things I have yet to accomplish, and I am discouraged.

What I recently realized is that despite my best intentions, I have made certain expectations of myself and by trying to take on too many things at once, I have divided my focus and have become overwhelmed.

Opportunities that should be a blessing have become a source of anxiety for me. My desire to become prolific has overwhelmed me to the point that I have begun to doubt my abilities and the skills that I have invested many years of my life to develop.

I want to be prolific, but I want to do things on my terms and be able to look back at the things I have done and be proud of the work I have completed. I realized I have been putting too much focus on results and not enough on the value of the experience.

You can invest your whole life in the pursuit of a creative endeavour, but you need make the focus on your experiences and not solely the results.

Don’t be afraid to want to accomplish many different projects, but allow yourself to limit the number of things you are trying to do at one time.

What are you passionate about right now? There are lots of things you probably have on your list, but spend your time on the thing that inspired you most at this moment, or maybe take a look at focusing on something new at the start of each new season.

You may need to set some things aside temporarily, but by allowing yourself to let them go so you can invest your time and focus onto the things that are most important right now, when you revisit them again at a later time, the benefits and rewards will be even greater.

Find your joy and inspiration in whatever opportunities present themselves, but allow yourself the chance to really excel by being okay to sometimes say no to things when you find your focus is challenged.

It’s not that we need to become less busy, but rather allow our mindset to embrace the things that inspire and excite you at this moment. Allow yourself the time to discover who you really are. Don’t make future achievements the focus of your headspace and allow it to overshadow the things you have already accomplished.

Reset your focus and you will find your purpose.

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