The Mindset Tools

The Mindset Tools

If you take a look at the work of a true trades person or artist in any medium, what you will find is someone who has the knowledge and vision to use the tools of their craft to complete their work at the highest level. It is their ability to master the tools at their disposal that inspires us to set our own expectations and strive to work at the best of our abilities.

In our own chosen media, we often become preoccupied with the tools or supplies that are not yet at our disposal.

When we have a task ahead of us, it is our tendency to take a look at the material that we have available and assess the complexity of the task based on the tools that we perceive as necessary that are not currently part of our toolbox.

We also look at the tools that others have available to them and believe that if only we had access to the same set of equipment, or a newer, more advanced model of what we already have, then achieving the desired results for task ahead will be much easier.

What we really need to realize though is that the necessary tools to achieve success are not always the physical tools, but rather the mindset and vision that allows us to embrace and overcome the challenges.

In order for us to carry forward and tackle the challenges ahead, we need to add the following skills to our creative toolbox:

There are always going to be tools that are necessary to get the results that we want, but when they are not available, or for some reason, working against us, we need the confidence to assess how to achieve our goal with what we do have. There is always more than one way to get the desired result; we just need to be adaptable.

Have you ever worked with others on a project where a challenge was presented and the usual approach to completing the task isn’t working? When that happens, we tend to turn to the person with the most experience to troubleshoot the situation and work with what is available to get the desired results. It is the experience we have earned that allows us to step back, reassess, and overcome the challenge.

Often, despite the vision and planning we have put into a project, we get stuck, and we tell ourselves that if we just wait until we have access to the latest technology – a better musical instrument, better tools or whatever our chosen media is – then things will be easier.

The reality is that while a desired tool can often inspire us to achieve the results that we envision, what usually happens when we get it is that we then look at the next step of our process and think “Well, now that we have gotten “X”, we now need a “Y” and we will be ready.

We will never truly find ourselves with access to all the desired tools for whatever projects we are involved with, but if we embrace the concepts of Adaptability, Experience and Acceptance to see a new, creative way to look at the situation, then we have all we need to move forward and begin to accomplish our goals.

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