Begin Again

Begin Again

We all have moments in our lives when we discover an interest in a hobby or pastime that we are ready to jump in full force and commit our time and energy to. We can’t seem to get enough of it and our desire to learn more, develop our talents and skills pushes us to obtain a high level of competency.

When we are in this state, we gravitate towards others who share the same interests and we long to share our experiences. We want to learn as much as we can and the more we discover, the greater our passion for the subject is. This becomes our focus and the time spent pursuing our hobby keeps us motivated and energized.

For example, I developed an interest in photography a number of years ago. I took a number of photography courses at our local college and the more I learned, the more my interest and enthusiasm grew. I loved learning about the technical aspects photography and was inspired to learn the elements of composition.

As I embraced this new information, I began to see the world differently. I would walk by buildings or landscapes that I had passed by on numerous occasions, but now I would see things in a new light. I began to see to the character and story that was always there. I was drawn to these subjects and wanted to photograph them to capture those moments.

I also developed a passion for photo editing and retouching. I loved how the available tools would allow me to enhance my photos to bring out the details that I could see inside the image and allow it to tell visual story that spoke to me. I loved the artistry of it and was hugely inspired by the work of others.

As many of us discover, at times in our lives, our focus changes. While we are passionate about the things we have discovered though our pursuits, we often set it aside momentarily while we devote our energies to other things. We intend to continue to pursue our interests, but in the meantime just take a little break.

When we are ready, we attempt to pick up from where we left off but our new focus has distracted us and what was intended to be a short period of time away often ends up getting extended.

I have found that when I go to pick up my camera these days, despite the time I had previously invested in the pursuit of learning and developing my skills, I hesitate because what was once second nature has now become something I question. I no longer feel confident in my abilities and I doubt my potential.

It often can be very difficult to pick some things up again, despite the previous investment of our time. We have to remember that once we have developed a proficiency in something, those skills are always within our abilities. It just takes a new focus and a refresher.

The best way to achieve success is often to begin again. It is time to focus on what you want to achieve and go back to what sparked your interest in the first place. You have already invested time but just lost your way.

We doubt our abilities because we forget about our successes and achievements. We have to remember that when we initially began to pursue our hobbies, we were not familiar with the fundamentals. We knew that we were passionate about learning a new skill and the joy of each new discovery inspired us to take things even further.

By taking the time to begin again, we are not saying to ourselves that we have lost the skills we previously developed but rather lost our focus on what inspired us in the first place. By choosing to begin again, we are starting out with a fresh perspective and a renewed focus. The joy and confidence we will experience by taking a fresh start will be increased once we realize that the skills we have previously gained are still within us.

Each time you revisit things, you will discover new things that you had previously missed. Although you have been through these things before, the fresh perspective will help you to refocus and to renew your interest.

Take a class; attend a workshop; join a group that meets to discuss and learn together; read a book; watch a documentary; take the time to play.

Remember, if you have set things aside with the intention to revisit your hobby but lost your way, then you need to begin again. Celebrate your achievements and refuel that passion.

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