Seeking Approval

Seeking Approval

Throughout our lives, we have goals that we set out to accomplish, or projects that we want to complete, but often find ourselves hesitating to share our work or achievements because of a fear as to how others will react.

It is in our nature to seek approval for the work that we have invested our time in, but yet too often we choose to not share our work or accomplishments with others due to our own insecurities.

Have you ever begun a new project that you were excited about, only to later on abandon it because you felt that others would judge it to be not to the standard that you were striving for? Have you shared something you are proud of, only to then feel defeated because it did not receive the response that you were expecting?

It’s okay that others may not always approve of the things that you do or the work that you present, but just as you are unique and have value, so do others. If you are unable to see value in the work that others present that may not resonate with you in a positive way, you need to accept that not everyone will connect with the work that you have to offer, and that is okay.

We need to accept that seeking the approval of others should not be the point of the work that we do, but rather a blessing when it accompanies the feelings of achievement when you have presented the work.

Stay true to your vision of what you want to accomplish and take pride in the fact that you have your own unique talents and skillsets.

Don’t feel discouraged or unmotivated due to the fear of how your work may be received.

Believe in yourself and the value of what you have to offer. You often will never really know just how your work will impact others or know how it’s appreciated.

We all seek approval for the work that we are passionate about but we need to realize that the approval that we most need to accept is our own. It is not just about accepting the quality of work that we have done, but rather being satisfied with the things that we’ve accomplished.

Take pride in your work and don’t be afraid to share it with others. Sometimes the real value of the work you accomplish is the inspiration that may provide to others to achieve their own goals.

The sense of approval you are seeking is often the greatest when you are able to find joy.

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