Creative Habits

Creative Habits

I was recently sent a copy of the book “The Compound Effect” (written by Darren Hardy). The concept of this book is the idea that in order to achieve the results we desire, we must implement small changes through the development of positive habits and remain dedicated and consistent through our efforts to achieve results.

Upon reading the first couple of chapters, I began to take a look at my life and the direction that I have been pursuing. There are many aspects of my life and career that I find fulfilling, and others that I strive to achieve but as of yet, I still feel like they are just beyond my reach. 

It is essential that we find joy through the pursuits of our goals, and know what we desire, but we can’t begin to accept our circumstances without taking responsibility for our goals. Throughout our lives, we encounter many paths and roadblocks but it is not up to others to choose our paths. We are solely responsible for our choices and for the outcomes of our decisions.

Being “too busy” is no excuse to deny our creative outlets; without one, we end up feeling unfulfilled or resentful.

What is your creative calling? Do you have a desire to try painting but never took the first step? Is there a song that you are longing to unleash? What about the story that you always said that you would write one day? You always wanted to play an instrument but do you feel that it’s too late to try something new? Everyone has a creative desire that is unfulfilled and it is time that you embrace this experience and change your creative habits.

It is never too late to try something new. You tell yourself that there isn’t enough time in your day to practice or discover a new skill or talent, but we use more energy putting them off. This is fuelled by the habits of distraction. 

We don’t have time to sit and write a page of our thoughts, or to work  on the first lesson of a new skill, but yet our time is devoured by television, social media or other forms of distraction that draw us away from what we really want.

We all have the same number of hours in a day, but we need to schedule ourselves to ensure that we optimize the time we are gifted each day. If you choose to suddenly give up all of your distraction habits and tell yourself that you will now devote 1-2 hours a day on your creative calling, when up to this point, you have not done the work at all, you will undoubtably fail.

Creative callings and outlets are a gift and a necessary part of maintaining a sense of enrichment in your life. Let’s start small and develop simple habits that will both fulfill and energize you.

The following points are all things that have helped me to achieve creative fulfilment:

Take 15 minutes a day to work on practicing a new skill. Set a timer and stick to this

Instead of spending time on social media, research something you are interested in. This inspires the desire to try new things

Don’t overwhelm yourself when learning new things. Break it down into small achievable steps.
(For some suggestions on how to do this, check out my post Assessments (

Turn off the television for one hour a night and spend that time creating something new or going for an inspirational walk

Find a documentary or online course on a subject that you want to learn about and watch a lesson or episode

We all have the time to pursue our creative callings. The key isn’t to make big changes but rather make smaller changes to the bad habits that are draining our creative energy and allow ourselves to refuel by embracing these smaller positive habits.

Don’t wait to start a new plan next week or next month when things aren’t as busy. Start today and allow your new creative habits to enrich your spirit. You will find yourself with more energy and fulfillment.

What are you going to start today?

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