What’s Next?

What’s Next?

We spend our lives constantly looking at the goals in front of us and strive to achieve the tasks we set out for ourselves. Our energy is invested in the completion of the task in order to obtain a sense of accomplishment and once the task is done, we want to relax or celebrate.

Achieving a goal is something that should instil a sense of pride, but we often believe that sense of accomplishment will carry us through until the next task. What we discover is that after we achieve the goal, there can often be a period of doubt and insecurity.

We find ourselves making lists of goals, but we forget that each achievement is just the next step along the path. Although we should feel a sense of accomplishment after each task, we must continue on to the next step.

When we accomplish our task and then take a break to assess what the next phase of our plan is going to be, we lose momentum.

I tend to start off with the things on my list that are easy, or often the things that are most appealing. What I find is the bigger goals that I most want to achieve are contingent on the smaller tasks that may not appear to be the most satisfying, but are all necessary steps along the way.

We need to set goals and make a commitment to work towards completing them. We cannot pick and choose the steps we want to take and expect to achieve the results that we desire. We need to celebrate our accomplishment but then immediately ask ourselves “What’s Next?” It is imperative that we don’t just rely on our past successes to carry us though but to push ahead and allow ourselves to develop.

Not everything you accomplish will turn out as intended and often the things that you do achieve come from unexpected sources. You should be proud of those achievements and be sure to share and celebrate them, but each success must encourage and lead you to the next step in your journey. 

We need to challenge ourselves to go outside of our comfort zone and work towards developing the skills we need to accomplish our goals.

Our goals can seem overwhelming and unachievable at times, but don’t be content to ask yourself “what do I want to accomplish?” Instead, make the commitment to complete the first step and then ask yourself “What’s Next?”

Don’t stop; Don’t give up; celebrate the small achievements you have made but don’t let your goals get further away from you because you allow your momentum to slow because you did not know “What’s Next”.

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