Procrastination vs Productivity

Procrastination vs Productivity

The best cure for overcoming the emotional anxiety brought on through procrastination is productivity.

We all have moments of self doubt or anxiety with regard to things we want to accomplish or goals that we want to achieve.  We have the intention to be productive, but yet we hesitate and procrastinate on completing the things that would most fulfill us.

The priorities in our lives should be the things that enrich and inspire us to become who we are meant to be, but we get bombarded with so many factors that are competing for our attention that we tend to focus on what others are asking of us and neglecting the things that we need for ourselves.

Often we know what we want to achieve but we may not know the steps. We spend our time reflecting on the things that we desire but yet postpone the process of completing the goals because we become anxious by the steps that are unfamiliar. We begin to develop doubt in our abilities. We are afraid of failing because of a lack of expertise on whatever it is we want to pursue, so we create excuses that help us justify why we have not followed the path we desire or finish the task we long to complete.

We tend to believe that it is easier to postpone the task until the time feels right, or until we feel inspired to tackle the things on our list. In the meantime, we relax and tell ourselves that we are working up to getting to the task later. When we are ready, it will be easier.

The reality of this approach is that the mental and emotional energy that we use in procrastinating and postponing the things that we need and want to accomplish far outweighs the energy that we would use tackling our list.

The one skill that is truly necessary in any task or goal we set is the ability just to begin. We think that it will get easier when we have all the information first, but it doesn’t. What we need to do is embrace the task at hand and know that the true satisfaction comes from completing the task, not ensuring that it’s done perfectly. 

I am constantly postponing things on my lists because I think that I need to gain a little more expertise or confidence first. What I find is that the confidence I am seeking will not arrive until I face the tasks head on and just start. 

Is everything I do completed to the level of expertise that I want? Nope. Does it get easier each I time I have to reach out to make a call or ask for help? Not always. Do I feel confident in the tasks I set out achieve? Sometimes.

When I look back at all the challenges I have faced throughout my life, the things that have empowered me and had the biggest impact on my personal development were not the things I had the most confidence in but rather the things that I embraced and took the steps to complete despite my hesitation or insecurity. 

I personally find that starting your day by tackling at least one of the things on your list can really encourage you to lead a productive life and achieve your goals at a faster rate. 

Rather than putting all the energy into the plan, put your time and effort into beginning the execution of the things on your list. After all, the best cure for procrastination is productivity.

2 thoughts on “Procrastination vs Productivity

  1. So true. It is so easy for a small problem go become a bigger problem because of procrastination.Thnks for sharing.

  2. Great article, Michael.

    I always want to know “all the things” before starting something new but often end up NOT doing it at all because I never feel fully prepared. Paralysis by analysis?

    This line really struck a chord in me: “Rather than putting all the energy into the plan, put your time and effort into beginning the execution of the things on your list.”

    Thanks for the advice (aka kick in the pants) to get me going again.

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