Our lives are a journey. We are called to travel in many directions and arrive at many different destinations along the way. Many of our destinations are planned and others are unexpected. We often spend time preparing for our journeys, and at other times, we are forced into them.

Some people thrive and seek a life of adventure and the unknown, while others need order and consistency. We will encounter experiences along our way that can challenge us, or even inspire us. How we respond to these scenarios can impact the choices that we make.

Each of us has a sense of what we are comfortable with and we tend to be consistent in the paths that we choose to follow. Personally, I like to make a plan and essentially map out my route so that I am in control and know what to expect. I am comfortable with changes along the way but get uncomfortable when things veer off course from the original intended destination.

Throughout our lives, we will travel along many paths and each one offers us challenges and the possibility of new adventures and experiences.  What are the paths that we choose and how are we affected by them?

Direct Route

We know where we want to go, so we take a look at the fastest, most direct route to reach our destination. The advantage of this choice is that we know what to expect and approximately how long it will take to reach our destination, as long as we follow the steps that we have carefully outlined in advance.

The issue that can arise is that despite our planning, there are challenges along the way that can appear which can deter and push us off our intended path.


Sometimes despite our planning, we are forced off our intended path and need to follow a detour. We know that we will eventually reach our destination, but the detour that is presented can be unsettling.

In some cases, the detour enables us to decide to just turn around because of a sense of anxiety.  We may not be comfortable putting our paths in other’s hands.  We feel a sense of needing to maintain control, so being presented with a detour from our original plan stops us, therefore never allowing us to reach our intended destination.


We often start out on a direct path to reach our destination but we are open to taking a different path when it’s presented to us. We may always turn right when we hit the fork in the road but we wonder what happens if we change things up and take the left turn. Let’s try it this time and see where it takes us and what we discover.

My experience with this approach is that despite the inclination to want to take the familiar paths, the decision to take a chance and turn the other way can present new experiences and inspirations that I would never had been aware of if I didn’t have faith and a willingness to try something new.

The paths and destinations that present themselves when you are willing to try a new direction can often become a better experience than you anticipated.


Sometimes in our lives we need to just put our faith in destiny and allow it to choose our paths for us. You may not know your intended destination or where your journey will take you, but you need to just get in the vehicle, start it up and drive.

It can be scary, but the routes will present themselves and the destinations that you discover can change your life or help you to determine that your original path may not have been the one that you intended.

In order to find your way and reach your destination, you just need to have faith. The path you are on will take you to an experience you need to have in order to find what you are seeking.

Our lives are filled with choices and the journeys we take, whether we choose them for ourselves or are pointed in a certain direction, can help us find our way.

We need to become open to the opportunities that arise and also know when to turn away. We must trust that all of the destinations that we encounter are meant to be explored so we can find the paths that we are meant to follow.

Seeking a different path or a new destination can be scary, but the discoveries that we make along the way can enrich us; allow us to learn new things; assist us with overcoming our fears and allow us to embrace the many experiences that help us to find what we are seeking and eventually reach our intended destination.

Start your vehicle, pack light and see where you end up. It will be worth the adventure.

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