Online Learning

Online Learning

With the current pandemic situation effectively halting most in-person aspects of education, the trend for many is to adapt their current traditional method of delivering educational content to an online environment.

For those who have grown up following a traditional approach to education, such as one-on-one private lessons, this change can be challenging. It can leave us with lots of questions, or with a hesitation to adopt the online method of education because of a lack of experience or even confidence in the success of this model.

The biggest challenge for many in embracing the online method of delivery is the perception that learning online is not as effective as the traditional method. Their concern is that they will not be able to get the same level of effective development or attention.

I enjoy the personal attention and effectiveness of the traditional one-on-one lesson environment, but over the last few years, I have supplemented a large part of my own education through online learning. My experience is that this method has been extremely effective and I’ve never felt that I was unable get the same attention or results even though we were not in the same location.

I have recently had to adapt my own private teaching to an online platform and the feedback from students has been fantastic. In many cases, I have found the commitment and attention from my students has been improved and I have observed that the progress they have made using online learning has been excellent.

For the online model to work effectively, there are a number of factors to consider for achieving success as a student:

Know What You Want to Learn

When studying online, it is essential that you know what you are trying to accomplish and work with the teacher to outline a plan to achieve those results. By knowing what you want to learn and asking the right questions, you will ensure that your time is optimized and you are set up for success.

Understand The Nature of the Lesson will Change
There will be less opportunity to interact together (play along songs, accompaniment, etc.) but more emphasis on the development of technical skills. I have actually found the focus and dedication of some students has improved using this method of learning.

Schedule Your Online Lessons

Not all online learning follows a private one-on-one format but rather is presented as a video- based course curriculum. When the course is setup through pre-recorded lessons, schedule a regular time throughout your week to view the course content, and apply the skills and knowledge presented as if you were in a traditional class environment.

It is very easy to just keep watching the videos and never actually put in the time to apply the information in the lesson, so it’s imperative to treat each video as a separate class and devote your study time to each lesson before moving on.

The online video approach can be very effective, but you must ensure that it’s not just used to inspire but to actually allow you to focus on your development.

Create a Comfortable Learning Environment

Set up your learning space to be comfortable and inspiring. The environment that you devote to learning online can greatly motivate you to stay committed to your success so treat it as important. If the environment you learn in doesn’t inspire you to work, your level of success will be affected.

Embrace the challenge. Try out a variety of different online education delivery methods or teachers to find what works best for you. Throughout this time of social distancing, you can stay connected and inspired by embracing the online learning method. Stay committed to your goals and lessons and your progress will be accelerated.

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