A New Year-A New Journey

A New Year- A New Journey

As the year comes to a close and the New Year holds new promise and opportunities, it’s the time that many of us reflect upon both the challenges and accomplishments over the last year and begin to assess making some changes.

It’s fun to reflect upon the things that you are passionate about and look ahead to new accomplishments, but what typically happens is that not long into the New Year, we lose our way and begin to fall off our intended paths.

Despite our best intentions, we tend to observe others achieving the things that we want to do and we begin to struggle with comparison. We want to do something but when we see others accomplishing what we perceive as the same goals, we become discouraged.  When it appears that others are further along in their journey, their successes become the trigger to our own perceived failures, and we become frustrated.

We need to understand that everyone has their own unique path and are on their own journey. It’s time to stop reflecting on the successes of others as a reason for our own path not taking us where we intended.

Upon reflection, what I began to realize is that many of the opportunities that I saw being presented to others,  which at times made me feel  jealous or defeated,  were in fact, not actually the opportunities that I was looking for or truly desired.

For years, I struggled with this and found anxiety in the success of others as a way to diminish my own journey. I would invest more time and emotion into comparing my accomplishments against others than I would put into setting my goals and starting my own journey.

Once I realised this, I began to devote my energy into the things which I found fulfilment. By changing my focus to the pursuit of things that I truly desired, I found myself actually getting more opportunities to do the things I valued and more time to devote to focusing and planning the path of my own journey.

The act of competition can be a gateway to negative emotions. What we need to do instead of feeling challenged by the success of others is to embrace and find inspiration in their journeys. The paths that are intended for others are often very different than the path we are meant to pursue.

When I was studying music in college, I had a teacher tell me “Don’t be a sheep… Be  a LEADER” He felt that too many of us were always basing our next steps on what others were doing and would not take the time to reflect on our own paths, despite what others expect from us.

I still struggle at times with falling into the negative trap of comparison but I have begun to see the value of other people’s paths as a way to find the inspiration to pursue my own journey. I have a vision for the next year of my life and I am excited to see the paths that I am meant to take becoming clearer in order for me to reach my desired and intended destination.

Be inspired by the paths of success that others have chosen and use that as a way to embrace your own journey and see where your own path takes you.

One thought on “A New Year-A New Journey

  1. This is a very inspiring and well written post. Thanks for sharing your insight. I would just like to add a couple of ideas that I found helpful when faced with these challenges. The only person you should ever compare yourself to is you. Am I closer to my goals then I was last year? Have I put in the work, time and energy to be better then I was before? Do I have clearly defined goals? What am I doing to reach these goals? Am I really doing as much as I can to achieve this goals? I think you need to ask yourself these questions and be honest with yourself about the answers.

    Comparing yourself to other musicians is futlie. Music is an art that is subjective to personal preferences and taste. Music is not a sport where whoever plays the fastest or sings the highest is the best. Within this art form everyone has their own skills and abilitys that make them the perfect fit for the right combination of players. Charlie Watts is the perfect drummer for the Rolling Stones, Neil Peart is the perfect drummer in Rush. Swap those drummers out to the other band and the magic would be lost. Every musician just needs to find what they are best at and seek out that situation.

    Most importantly the music business is not fair. If you applied the same amount of devotion, energy and time that you have dedicated to the study of music to any other profession you would be much more likely to reap the financial rewards that your hard work deserves. Success in the music business is not quaranteed to all. In order to have a lucrative carreer in music you need to work hard, have talent, practice and make sacrifices. However working hard, having talent, practicing and making sacrifices does not guarantee that you will make lots of money playing music. So measuring your value as a musician based on your (or anybody elses) financial success in the music business is not a fair accessment.

    I try to approach every gig that I get hired to do as another opportunity to be successful. I make sure I am prepared for whatever the situation requires and I take great pride in doing the best job that I can. Nothing beats that incredible feeling of locking in with a band and laying it down. You will know that you did a good job by the reaction of the audience or the compliments of your bandmates. Anyday I get paid to play my guitar is a good day. Real success is doing what you love in life.

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