What is creativity? Is it the pursuit of artistic status or the chance to demonstrate your own inner expressions? Why are some people considered to be highly creative and others define themselves as not having a creative bone in their body?

There is something fascinating about watching the progression of an artist, regardless of the medium. The outside perspective is that the journey is a natural flowing process, which is powered by confidence and experience, but the reality is that there is often a large amount of struggle and resistance which can diminish or disrupt their work. What holds us back? Is it the true lack of inspiration, or more likely, the presence of fear?

What if the art I create isn’t accepted or considered to be of value? I want to try and test my curiosity and creativity but am afraid others may discover my proclamation of talent is a fraud.

When you are motivated to create art because of a sense of responsibility, it often creates results without inspirational value. The creation of art is a vessel which allows the muse to take their inspiration and allow their work to tell a story.

For me, the finest art is created through the process of inspiration and unknown expectations, allowing the artist the ability to surprise themselves through the process. Let the art lead the story and allow yourself to be inspired when the results present themselves.

To create is to show your soul and emotional expression through your blank canvas. When you let go of the requirement to produce results and just allow yourself to play, it’s like turning on a tap of possibilities, allowing you to see an entire ocean of inspirational ideas. Dip your bucket into the ocean and see what you can catch.

Dabble with art; ignore the rules and allow the lack of restriction to bring joy and satisfaction that we are all creative souls. Now, choose your medium and just play!

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