Meeting Your Inspirations

Meeting Your Inspirations

There is an inherent joy in finding inspiration through an artist or mentor and allowing that experience to motivate you into the pursuit of your passions.

There are many different opportunities where you can connect with people who inspire you, either in person or through social media, and it is always a thrill to meet those who influence to you.

Often, when you have these opportunities, it is common to find yourself intimidated or overwhelmed which can have a negative effect on what could be a positive interaction. Everyone has memories of moments when they got to meet someone they admired but things didn’t go as intended, which can result in you reliving or regretting the opportunity.

For me, the biggest challenge has been feeling nervous or anxious in these situations, and despite the positivity of the people I have met, I sometimes walked away regretting not taking the chance to ask that question I always wanted to ask, or to share the story of how they have inspired me. What was potentially a positive experience ends up having a negative impact, when I thought about how I wish it had gone or how I missed that opportunity.

How do you overcome this? The key element is preparation. Before the meeting, I think about the influence the person has had on my development and how they have inspired me. When you are outside of the situation, it is easier to reflect on those questions you have always wanted to ask or the one story you wanted to share. What I do is pre-plan at least 3 questions I would love to ask, or how I want to tell them how they have inspired me. I have found that knowing exactly how you wanted to start the dialog is a great way to calm your nerves.

In many meet and greet situations, there is not much time to really talk more than a moment or two but when you prepare your questions in advance, you find yourself feeling more confident, allowing you to take full advantage of the interaction.

Be prepared to ask one question, or share one story, but by having a few questions prepared in advance, it will make you more comfortable and allow you to continue the dialog if the moment presents itself.

They often say you should never meet your heroes, but I have found that by planning ahead, then it doesn’t just become an interaction between the hero and the fan, but a sincere exchange of people who share a common passion.

Take that moment to say hello, or share those stories and ask your questions. You never regret moments when others have been kind to you, so always remember that others are also humbled by your kindness and will appreciate the opportunity you took to connect with them.

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