Life Lessons – A Reflection

Life Lessons – A Reflection

Today marks the anniversary of my mother’s passing, who we lost to cancer 5 years ago. The morning she passed away, my uncle sent me a message stating “Your mom was always proud of you. What are you going to do in your life to make her even more proud?” This had a huge impact on me and from that sentiment, I began to re-evaluate my life and what was important.

When I take a moment to reflect on the influence my mother has had on me, there are a number of lessons that I learned from her that I always try to integrate into my life.

Time & Commitment
I have always struggled with finding balance in my life, where my energy and time has been either devoted to work or commitments I have made to others and therefore I have found that devoting time to my own pursuit of my passion for music, drumming and education was often the thing that would get set aside.

I began to reflect on the things that were truly important and I realized that the value of time was essential. She taught me the importance of taking time for yourself to pursue what you loved and make a commitment to the things that were essential to you. Find something that you are passionate about and make the time to pursue it. Devoting time to your passions will not only relax you, but give you the energy to tackle all the other commitments in your life.  All of life’s obligations and challenges will always be there, so make the commitment to learn the value of taking time for your own endeavours. Time spent pursuing a passion should never be one of life’s regrets. It’s not only empowering, but essential.

Be True To Yourself & Embrace Challenges
We all have had those moments in our lives where we have chosen to not face a new experience because of fear, or to make decisions based on how others may react. I have missed out on many experiences because I was either afraid of other people’s perceptions or because I was unsure what to expect and it appeared easier to just not take the risk.

My mother had many scenarios in her life which presented challenges but she learned to embrace them and would often excel in new endeavours despite the occasion setbacks. I have spent much of my own life regretting experiences I have missed out on because I was afraid or unsure,  but since I have learned to embrace new challenges,  I now spend more of my life enriched with these experiences because I made the effort and took the chance.

I miss my mother every day and I have chosen to live life by challenging myself, overcome my own fears and to always continue to make her proud. Take the risk and enrich your life.

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