Positive & Proactive – A New Beginning

Positive & Proactive – A New Beginning

At the beginning of 2018, I wrote a social media post challenging everyone to embrace positivity and to be proactive about getting things done. I worked hard to maintain these objectives but at times struggled to keep these as my own focus. I believe that these are elements that we should all strive for, so once again I challenge everyone to maintain positivity in your own life, and to be proactive about doing the things we are meant to do.

We are all challenged with scenarios in our lives which seem to bring out negative thoughts and emotions. We all long to have positive things happen, but feel tested when life seems to present roadblocks. We encounter people and scenarios in our own journeys that can challenge or overwhelm us, and that can make it difficult to maintain a positive viewpoint. 

One thing that I have learned over the years is that you often never truly know other people’s story or situation, and the way we can create a positive environment for ourselves is to reach out and be positive and encouraging to others. You never know how a simple positive gesture or act of kindness can empower someone else and in return can become the positive element you need in your life.

Life is busy, overwhelming and exhausting and we all struggle to find time to spend working on the things we would love to do, but often spend time thinking we are too busy to visit that friend we want to connect with, or learn a new skill, spend time practicing an instrument, write that idea we have, go for that walk, take that class we were thinking about, etc.

I challenge myself and everyone to live your life pursuing your passion, and despite the hectic nature of all of our lives, become proactive and don’t put things off. We spend hours thinking about what we should or want to be doing and then get discouraged because it never happens. It’s amazing how much better you can feel when you just initiate the process of living your dream. Make that call, take that class, write that song, learn that instrument, go for that walk, read or write that book.

I had a long list of achievements I was going to complete in 2018, with many of them never getting started. This year, I am determined to spend less time making lists of what I want to achieve and choose to focus my time and energy in just starting the process. You can accomplish significantly more spending 15 minutes a day working towards your dream then you will spending a lifetime wondering what might have happened. You may find challenges in the process, but never starting at all is a sure way to guarantee disappointment.

2019 is the year to invest in yourself and find the joy that your passion can bring to you. Share your dreams with others as that can help to keep you focused and committed. Be positive and just begin. It will enrich your life.

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