Professionalism – Essential Elements

Professionalism- Essential Elements

As a freelance musician, I have been called to work in a wide variety of scenarios.  When hired, it’s not only necessary to have the skills and experience to be able to handle the job, but imperative to also demonstrate the characteristics which are essential in not only dealing with the musical aspect of the work but also the personal side of being a musician. Whether you consider yourself to be someone who just finds joy in playing music with others, or you have devoted your life to the pursuit of music as a profession, these three elements are what I consider to be essential for success.

Punctuality – Be On Time

When you have been hired to perform a live event or studio session, always be on time. I consider this to be an essential element to any aspect of work and this will demonstrate not only a strong commitment to the task you have been hired for but also shows respect to all the others involved. Being punctual doesn’t mean just arriving on time, but be there, setup and ready to start on time. This allows you the opportunity to relax and be ready to perform at your best.

Prepared –
Be Prepared

If you have been hired to do a job and the artist gives you a list of material to learn, make sure that you devote all the time required in advance to learn the material. Sometimes you may have to prepare your own charts, or you may be required to memorise the material, but whatever has been discussed, make sure you are ready. This will not only show respect to the artist, but also creates a sense of confidence in your performance because you have put in the time to prepare.

Positivity – Be Positive

There is an element of fellowship when working with other musicians and having a positive attitude will not only make the opportunities more enjoyable, but also assists with keeping the rehearsal, the show or studio session relaxed when you encounter challenges. It’s also imperative to show courtesy and kindness to the other musicians and the audiences who are supporting you. Always thank the other musicians for the opportunities and be gracious and encouraging. People like to work with others who have a positive attitude and are fun to be around.

Working in new musical situations can be challenging at times but by applying all of these elements of professionalism, it will significantly improve the experiences you have and will result in more opportunities being presented to you.

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