Drum Fest International 2018 – A Reflection

Drum Fest International 2018 – A Reflection

I had the incredible fortune to spend last weekend at Drum Fest International 2018 which is organised by the remarkable Ralph Angelillo, who was responsible for the former Montreal Drum Festival, which ran for over 20 years and has since went on to create this new festival in Quebec City. Ralph’s contribution to the industry is extraordinary and it was amazing to see how his influence is able to attract and inspire such a mix of world class drummers and enthusiasts.

The festival is a platform to introduce drummers (both legends and upcoming) from all different genres to the drum community through their presentations, which vary from performance based to educational clinics.

It was remarkable to not only see some AMAZING performances but to also get a chance to meet and talk with such a stellar group of drummers.

Getting to connect with the artists and other fans is one of the elements which make this festival so special. I got to meet every artist and each of them was incredibly gracious and humble, which not only demonstrated that they are world class musicians, but also amazing people.

This festival brings together drummers from all different backgrounds and experiences and for the 2 days, we are all connected together with a common passion for the art of drumming. This is one of the joys of being part of this incredible community of drummers, and I will carry these memories and inspirations with me for a lifetime.

Thank you Ralph for your passion and continuing contribution to the art of the drumming.


Todd Sucherman
Stephane Chamberland
Stanley Randolph
(Stevie Wonder)
Jim Riley
(Rascal Flatts)
Ralph Angelillo
(Festival Organiser)
Dave Dicenso
(Berkeley Professor)
Dave Langguth
(Kim Mitchell)
Will Calhoun
(Living Colour)
Tommy Aldridge &
Randy Cooke
Anika Nilles
Jost Nickel
Dave & Jared

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