Embrace the Unknown

The process of learning and acquiring skill in any medium of artistic expression involves hours, years and often a lifetime of study to develop proficiency and confidence in creativity. The reasons that one may be drawn to this process can vary but one of the elements that is often present in the beginning of this journey is the excitement and joy of learning something new and having a new outlet of which to express oneself.  As first, it is joyful, and then as is often the case, through this process of learning new skills is the discovery of the “challenge”.

We start to discover that in order to reach the next level or the expected results that we perceive for ourselves, we find that the steps that are necessary can overwhelm, intimidate or discourage us from achieving our goals. In the 30+ years since I have begun my own journey as a drummer, I have gone through many struggles and challenges and have often found it very difficult to find my way or overcome those challenges that I felt that I should be able to do but despite my efforts, I just could not find my way to conquer these hurdles.

In the last 4 years, I have begun the process of serious study again (after almost 20 years of not studying privately since obtaining a college diploma in music studies) and sought out some incredible teachers/mentors who have challenged me, encouraged me and given me the tools I need to achieve what I am looking for and the results have been life changing. Every teacher I have the privilege to connect with is a master of their own craft, but also continues to seek out, study and push themselves even further to embrace the lifetime pursuit of artistic proficiency and excellence. Through these studies, what I have learned as the keys to overcoming hurdles and maintaining enthusiasm is the following:

  • Learn to Love the Process and not the Result
    Find Joy in the opportunity to learn new things and be excited by the process. Each new element builds skill and give you the tools to embrace the next step.
  • Break Challenges down into Small Elements
    Invest your time and energy on the small challenges to achieve greater success. Each smaller element you accomplish is one more step to achievement of your bigger goals.
  • Humble Yourself and Embrace Critique
    A good teacher wants you to succeed, so be open and honest with your struggles and allow them to give you the keys to overcome your challenges.
  • Give Yourself Permission for Success
    Every element you struggle with can deter you from achieving your goals, so remember that it’s only a challenge because it’s new and by allowing yourself permission to embrace the challenge will empower you to overcome these obstacles.

There are many incredible resources available to teach you practice strategies and how to set goals to achieve success. The biggest obstacle to developing your new skills is allowing yourself to get overwhelmed or negative so I highly encourage you to step back, assess what you want to achieve and remember that this is supposed to bring you joy. It takes time but have fun.

And remember ……………. EMBRACE THE UNKNOWN!


12 thoughts on “Embrace the Unknown

  1. Well stated my friend. Learning a musical instrument is a journey not a destination. The more you learn the more your realize there is to learn. This can often be overwhelming and discouraging. The trick is to seek music and musicians that inspire you. Make realistic goals and dilligently work towards those goals. Thanks for sharing your inspiring words.

    1. Thank you. When one is truly devoted to their craft and their passion, each element of the journey is exciting as every new thing you learn opens up infinite more possibilities. Seeking music and art that inspires you should ignite the desire to learn, not extinguish it.

    1. Thanks Dom! Your encouragement and experience has truly changed my life and I am so grateful to have you help me with my own journey. I am hoping that this blog is the first step to helping others find their own paths.

    1. Thanks Amy! It means a lot that you took the time to read this post and I hope that it’ll assist others in their own journeys. Stay positive and encouraged and we hope to see you soon.

    1. Thanks Fred! I hope you are doing well and look forward to connecting with you soon. Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

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