Michael W. Scott is a Hamilton, Ontario based freelance drummer/educator who has  been working in the  industry for over 30 years.  His extensive education background and experience has  allowed him to adapt to many different musical situations in both live and studio settings and  has  built his reputation for being positive, prepared, and  professional.


“It takes  a very special person to dedicate themselves to not only learning an instrument for their entire life, but also to share this experience with students! Michael is just that  person! His unending dedication to drumming education is at the  top of my list! Michael helps secure the drumming art form well into the  21st  century!”
Dom Famularo, Drumming’s Global Ambassador

“Michael has taken private drum lessons with me for more than a year now, and he shows such passion and dedication to his instrument and also to the drumming community. His website is very professional and a great example of how he takes his career seriously. He always wants to help others, and he gets better and better every day. He has a complete approach by taking lessons, teaching, playing live and recording in studio. Michael had been an inspiration for me and I consider him a friend. Follow him and get inspired!”
Stephane Chamberland (Drummer/Educator – Quebec City, PQ)

“The art of learning and  the  art of teaching are connected by enthusiasm and  a love of seeing others realize their potential, and  Michael epitomizes these virtues.  He is a dedicated student himself, and  we all benefit from his energy to learn and  share the  craft of drumming.

Michael empowers others with a deep understanding of history, but with both eyes set daringly forward to the  future. Since Michael walks his walk by seeking out the  best in the field as his teachers, it is natural the  character traits of humility, patience, grit, and  a great sense of humour would follow, and  all are lucky to cross paths with him. Thank you Michael for your dedication and  passion towards growing fearlessly on your own path and  for serving and  sharing with others the  art of learning through drumming!”

Chris  Lesso (Drummer, Educator – Toronto, ON)

“I have worked with Michael Scott extensively in a studio recording environment in a number of different musical genres. Paramount traits such  as professionalism and  preparedness are in Michael. In his live performance, and  in studio delivery, Michael is intuitive and  empathetic to the  other musicians/artists he is playing with.
Amy King (Producer/Recording  Engineer: Grant Avenue Studio – Hamilton, ON)

“Michael Scott is, without a doubt, the  greatest, most professional drummer I’ve ever played with – and  I’ve played with lots of guys. Michael takes  on our gigs like each of them is the most important performance he’ll ever play. He executes songs with such  precision that  the bassist is always happy to play with him. Dynamics and  tempo are two things that  Michael understands better than anyone – as a band leader, I’ve never  had  to ask him to modify either. Shows are a blast with Michael behind the  kit.”
Steve  Parton (Guitarist, Owner of Avalon  Music  Academy – Dundas, ON)

“I have been working with Michael Scott in a variety of musical settings since 1993  and  I can honestly say he the  most disciplined and  consistent musician that  I have ever had  the pleasure of working with. He is flexible and  well versed to adapt to any style of music and always plays exactly what the  song  calls for. Not one  to rest  on his laurels he is very driven to continue to improve his playing and  gets  better every time I hear him play.”
Troy  Harmer  (Guitarist,  Songwriter,  Educator  –  Hamilton,ON) 

“Michael is an exceptional musician and  is extremely professional. From session studio gigs right through live performance, he is reliable and  well versed in several styles of music and techniques. He brings his A-Game every time!”
Nathan Fleet  (Songwriter / Film Composer – Ancaster, ON)